My name is Sarah Holt and I am an independent saddle-fitter servicing the Cairns and Townsville regions. I am an accredited Bates and Wintec Cair specialist but I fit and adjust (where possible) all brands of saddles.

What I do

I’m an independent trained saddle-fitter, I advise on saddle fit and can complete saddle adjustments on site and I’m also a qualified equine massage therapist with over 10 years experience.
My aim is to build a ‘library’ of good quality 2nd hand saddles for my clients to ‘try before they buy’ if you require a new saddle. I qualified as an equine massage therapist (EBW) 10 years ago and have been assisting sore horses ever since. I work with a combination of massage movements and stretches to assist your horse.  
Saddle-fitting and equine massage work intrinsically together to ensure your horse has a back and body free from pain, allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your riding.